True cost of a Canada Goose coat

‘Chilling cruelty, unspeakable suffering and corporate denial’: Is this the TRUE cost of the season’s must have fur trimmed Canada Goose coat?

US sales of Canada Goose expected to top $30million this yearCompany President Dani Reiss views America as the market with the ‘greatest potential in the world’Family founded business says it provides vital support to North Canada communities where trapping has been practiced for 300 years

But animal rights campaigners slam company’s practice of trapping Coyotes for their fur as inhumaneClaim their efforts to address allegations have been stonewalled and have this week appealed for the brand to stop its use of fur

They have made America their new frontier, forging into the US clothing market to become one of the season’s most recognisable brands with sales of Canada Goose outerwear expected to top $30million this year alone.

In a high profile year in the States, Kate Upton has appeared on the front of Sports Illustrated in one of their fur trimmed, down jackets and nothing much else.

It isn’t the only firm to market such coats, yet Canada Goose has rapidly established itself as the label of choice for the well known and the well heeled braving the frigid weather blown in on the polar vortex.

But today MailOnline can reveal that allegations of chilling cruelty and unspeakable animal suffering have been repeatedly levelled at this family business turned multimillion dollar concern.

According to animal rights activists, behind every fur trimmed hood and down stuffed coat is a brutal reality of Coyotes trapped and left to suffer in the wilderness.

Many of today’s ethically aware consumers would never dream of buying a full length fur. But in an odd quirk of the current trend for this style of garment those same shoppers pull on a coyote trimmed coat without a moment’s concern for the origins of that little flurry of fur.

Lindsay Rajt, Director of Campaigns for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said: ‘Canada Goose uses exclusively Coyote fur on the trim of their coats and those animals are trapped in a way that is just inherently cruel.’

But PETA has dismissed the standards as ‘window dressing.’

Mr Rajt said: ‘The company’s reference to

AIHTS standards is meaningless and a way of placating and

silencing people with valid concerns.

‘Leg hold traps are still legal in

Canada. Mother animals will chew off their limbs in order to get back to

their young. The trapped animal might be there for days before the

trapper comes and finds them, they are frightened and starving and in

pain during that time. And then they’re bludgeoned or strangled to death

or shot.’

Trapped Coyotes can struggle to get free for days until the hunter returns to check his traps. Mother animals separated from their young attempt to chew off their own limbs in a bid for freedom

Ms Rajt revealed that PETA is this week appealing to Canada Goose to abandon their use of fur in favour of synthetic alternatives and to dump their use of real down stuffing.

She said: ‘PETA is reaching out to Canada Goose to urge the company to switch to innovative, synthetic fur like their top competitor Helly Hansen, which has been fur free for many years.

‘Additionally, we are asking that Canada Goose dump down and opt for revolutionary synthetic technology like the one recently developed by The North Face Thermoball, which mimics down but offers superior versality.’