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“Japan’s Blue Book (2015),” the situation in Japan Conference Seminar buy canadian goose jacket online held in Beijing today. Blue Book analysis, the Sino Japanese relations in the first half of 2014 continued tight. canada goose kensington parka berry 2015, Sino Japanese relations are facing historic transition period, is to accelerate into the depth of cooperation in parallel with their normal canada goose discount coats game. Army official said, when reserve soldiers being shot training. The perpetrators using a K 2 assault rifle. The canada goose kensington parka on sale Army of the incident is being investigated.

Blue Book noted that in 2014 the Japanese government to step up implementation of the “three arrows security”, the “military Zionist” line put into canada goose jackets toronto sales practice a canada goose chateau parka black year. Abe Cabinet canada goose coat bloomingdales intensive adopt abandoned “three canada goose jacket prices stores principles of arms exports”, lifting the collective self defense, modify official development assistance (ODA) and the United States to revise the memorandum and four step “Japan US defense cooperation guidelines”, dedicated to the advancement of new security and defense strategy for landing. At the same time, the Japanese Diet passed the “national referendum law” amendment to amend the constitution to canada goose chilliwack parka womens pave the way for the future. So far, Japan after World War II in order to bid farewell to the “Yoshida route” as a symbol canada goose jacket of strategic thinking and development path, embarked on the pursuit of “full normalization” of the road.

South Korean military and the police on the 13th, said the day 10:44 Xu, located in the first district of Delray grass a reserve forces training ground, a soldier committed suicide after a gunman began shooting indiscriminately, including the perpetrators, including two people were killed 3 canada goose jacket women toronto people injured. According to reports, the reserve soldiers opened fire indiscriminately, around four preparatory soldiers wounded. One of them seriously injured, rushed to hospital in the canada goose kensington parka tilbud process killed. Han Jun, the capital of the other wounded were in the hospital and the East Wing Severance hospital.