Can someone check if this Canada Goose outlet website is authentic or not

Yes, these guys are a big SCAM. They are based in Beijing. The outfit they use to process credit card payments is a known scam processing payment center, by the name of payitrust. Note how they try to make it look like PayTrust, which is a reputable payment processing center.

I know this because of personal experience. My sister i law ordered some canada goose jackets, and used my wife’s cc. When I heard about it, I became suspicious, and quickly it became evident these outfit was a scam. No phone number, their email was a yahoo account, for pete’s sakes. Everything just screamed scam. Their website, although well made and alluring, had all their content full of forced and awkward English, like a foreign language text ran through a translation software. I asked my s i l to email them (the only way to contact them) and cancel the transaction immediately. I also called our cc company, to advise them of the impending fraudulent charge.